Research briefs

Colorful houses in the favela of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
PLOS highlights recent studies published in PLOS ONE including one on an informal settlement in northwestern Colombia and a paper looking at how heat waves affect visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park. The authors give PLOS insights on their work.
Public Library of Science
 A valley of broken houses and debris following the 2010 earthquake in Port-Au-prince, Haiti.
A volunteer network helps to monitor aftershocks and illuminate the country’s earthquake hazards.
Springer Nature
MIND AND I/Shutterstock
A new study led by USGS and Costa Rican researchers demonstrates how Earthquake Early Warning using smartphone technology can be both inexpensive and effective for millions of people.
United States Geological Survey
Crowd surgical mask to prevent COVID-19 transmission
The virus can probably never be globally eradicated, because of its presence in many animals (including cats and dogs) and because of incomplete vaccine coverage.
International Science Council (ISC)

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