A Webinar on International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction

India - government
National Disaster Management Authority (India)
World Food Programme
World Health Organization
Unicef India Country Office
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International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction is held on 13th October. This day was first declared in 1989, with a call from the UN General Assembly for the need to promote a global practice of risk awareness and disaster reduction. This day recognizes and commends efforts by people and communities across the globe to reduce their exposure to disasters and raise awareness about disaster management. 

Each year a theme is selected for International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction. For the year 2020 the chosen theme is ‘disaster risk governance’. In a time where COVID 19 has pushed the world into turmoil, disaster risk governance is paramount. Good governance and responsive government institutions are the cornerstone of effective disaster management and risk reduction. It is imperative to ensure transparency and accountability of public administrative services. The government is also required to take on a sense of ownership. In furtherance of these causes the Sendai Framework for Disaster Management lays out priorities for action. 


Understanding disaster risk governance mechanism in India from a multi-stakeholder perspective


1) Plenary session on the theme of ‘Disaster Risk Governance’.

2) Session Report

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