What should children in Japan do if a quake hits when no adults are with them?

Source(s): Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd., the - Mainichi Daily news, the


If an earthquake strikes while children are at home alone after school, Oki says that they should return to their school first. "I tell my son, who is in the third grade, to do that," she added.

Why return to school? At school, teachers are usually present at the time before children's parents come home from work or other places, and local government employees are dispatched there in the event of a disaster. School buildings are also usually more earthquake resistant than ordinary homes.


What about when an earthquake hits when children are on their way to or from cram school (privately operated afterschool study centers) or other places? Oki recommends that if you are at a train station, listen carefully to the station staff, and if the train is stopped, go to a school near the station. However, this is a difficult decision to make, and it is important for parents and children to discuss the issue regularly and make a clear agreement in advance. If a train stops between stations, follow the conductor's instructions on whether to stay in the carriage or walk along the tracks. If you are near a cram school, it is OK to go there. Many cram schools have disaster prevention measures in place. It is better to confirm these measures when you enroll in such a school.


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