FEMA's Administrator invites you to join FEMA in commemorating International Disaster Risk Reduction Day

Source(s): Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Hi I'm Deanne Criswell the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management agency. 

I'm here today to invite you to join FEMA in commemorating International Disaster Risk Reduction Day. 

The theme for 2023 is fighting inequality for a resilient future.

In just the last few years, severe weather events from powerful hurricanes and once in a generation of wildfires to prolong droughts and extreme heat have caused irreparable damage here at home and around the world.

The loss of life has been catastrophic and on top of the human impact each disaster stresses our national and Global economies as the cost of response and Recovery continues to soar.

This year alone the United States has experienced 23 disasters that have cost over one billion dollars each and we are still in the middle of hurricane season.

As we adapt to a changing climate we must find Equitable inclusive solutions to prepare our communities for an increasingly complex disaster landscape. 

We must ensure that marginalized vulnerable and under-resourced communities have equal access to the tools they need to prepare for emergencies.

We need to bring them with us into the rooms where decisions are being made about their communities so their needs are met.

At FEMA, we are focused on reducing barriers and increasing opportunities so everyone, regardless of their race, their age, gender or zip code, can get help when they need it.

Especially our aging loved ones, who oftentimes rely on us or their caretakers to keep them safe when disaster strikes.

But here's the thing: Every disaster is local. And we need your help to get communities prepared for the Unique risks they face. The best way to keep your community safe is to develop and implement programs and policies that reduce to your risk and build resilience.

I encourage you to visit undrr.org to learn more about this important day and how to get involved in local events that advance disaster risk reduction in your community

Thank you.

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