Launch of the massive open online course and Words into Action on nature-based solutions for disaster and climate resilience

United Nations Environment Programme
Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction

13 October: 10:00 – 11.30 CEST

On the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, 13th of October 2020, The Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR) We launch the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): Nature-based solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience,  A short course for all to learn how to work with Nature To tackle some of the world’s challenges, alongside the Words into Action on Ecosystem-based or Nature-based Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction, But also for Climate Change Adaptation in the context of SFDRR. This latter product will be open to public review for two months.

But these two knew PEDRR products go further: They are a call to action and provide information for how communities, youth, and the private sector are and can become engaged Nature-based Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The launch will be centered around a webinar that aims to present the perspectives of different stakeholders on Nature-based initiatives and how these two PEDRR products can act as a call to action for building disaster and climate resilience.


Associate Academic Officer

Unites Nations University


Anoja Seneviratne

Director of Medication Research and Development 

Disaster Management Centre, Sri Lanka 

Hakan Lucius

Head of Corporate Responsibility and Civil Society 

European Investment Bank 

Marwa Elmenshawy

Regional Focal Point of UN Major Group For Children And Youth 

Shivangi Chavda

Views From the Frontline Coordinator 

Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction 

Stephanie Speck

Chief of Section Communication, Advocacy, Knowledge Management, and ICT 

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction 

Nathalie Doswald

EbA and Eco-DRR Expert

United Nations Environment Programme 

Karen Sudmeier-Rieux

Senior Advisor for Disaster Risk Reduction 

United Nations Environment Programme 

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