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In conjunction with the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, the second session of the GFP Virtual Conference 2021 will be held, dedicated to global flood forecasting systems, with Roberto Rudari of CIMA Research Foundation as one of the conveners

Global flood forecasting systems represent an essential support for flood risk management, since they provide complementary and harmonized information to the different stakeholders involved, from local and national authorities to international humanitarian organizations.

The second session of the Global Flood Partnership Virtual Conference 2021, an event that brings together experts and researchers to explore different aspects of flood risk reduction and mitigation and of which CIMA Research Foundation is one of the co-organizers, is dedicated to them.

The session will be held on October 13, in conjunction with the United Nations International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, from 5.00 to 7.00 pm, in virtual mode. The meeting will be an opportunity to present and review the latest developments, new approaches and datasets in the field of global flood risk modeling; but also to identify the current challenges that this field still faces. Indeed, producing accurate and reliable global forecasts, assimilating information from satellites or real-time observation networks, integrating impact forecasts or providing user-friendly visualization products that enable better decision making are some of the challenges that research must address to ensure an effective and efficient global flood forecasting system.

The session, which brings together experts from some of the world’s leading research and forecasting centers, will be moderated by Peter Salamon of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, and Roberto Rudari, program director of CIMA Research Foundation and member of the GFP steering committee.


5.00 - 7.00 pm CET (UTC +2)

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