Early disaster warning systems and emergency plans

Organizer(s) Istituto Istruzione Superiore "Mandralisca"

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore (IIS) Mandralisca, Via Maestro Vincenzo Pintorno n.27, 90015


10:00 am - 13.30 pm


The School ‘IIS Mandralisca’ is coordinating an Erasmus+ KA229 project entitled ‘Help me!’, project n. 2020-1-IT02-KA229-079430_1. Its main topic being disasters and how to cope with them. So far we have carried out 2 physical mobilities in Italy (May 23-27, 2022) and Romania (26-30 September, 2022) on first aid, Emergency and evacuation plans and survival kits.

On Thursday 13 October, 2022, our students will be involved in a debate on the importance of early disaster warning systems and emergency plans. We will use the videos and other info provided in the official web page, the outputs produced by our students during the mobilities (infographic, survival kit folder, presentations). The same activity will be carried out by our School partners in Romania, Turkey, Poland and Croatia. The results of the debates will be gathered and shared.

The event will be coordinated by different teachers (mainly English and Science teachers)

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