Central Readiness Workshop in Poland

GOTOWI.ORG Foundation


Foundation GOTOWI.ORG is inviting you to attend the Central Readiness Workshop in Poland.

We live in times when disasters have become commonplace. There are more and more of them, they are more and more severe and costly.

Everyone, regardless of their material or life status, should be able to prepare for any disasters.

Our answer is Readiness Workshop - the unique education program for companies, schools and organizations developed and implemented by experts of the Gotowi.org

During the Readiness Workshop the Participants will move from Risk to Resilience.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience – join Readiness Workshop, change the world for the better with us!

Central Readiness Workshop will take place in October, 2nd, from 12 to 4.p.m. (4 hrs) at the Museum Radom Village, ul. Krychnowicka, 26-616 Radom, Poland.

Hope for the Best, prepare for the Worst

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